Hi, I’m Felix Döring

Who am I?

My name is Felix Döring and I am a software developer - and that out of passion, always in search of challenging problems.
I deal with IT architectures and software development at all levels, from conception to implementation.

My story

What to tell about me? - Sometimes prophecies come true.
When I sat in front of my computer in my childhood, I must have made a very enthusiastic and curious impression. Because a family friend predicted a career in IT for me.
I assembled my first PC myself at the age of 14. After my interest in hardware was quenched for the time being, I turned to software, driven by the curiosity about what you can do with a few lines of code. With the help of small scripts, I taught myself how to program.

The rest was pure logic: Computer science courses in high school and then studied in Dresden after graduation (Abitur).
Unfortunately, I had to end my studies prematurely, but I still didn’t want to give up my dream of becoming a computer scientist. That’s why I applied for an apprenticeship with my current employer, 3m5. Media GmbH in my adopted city of Dresden.
After successfully completing my training, I specialised in the field of DevOps. The term DevOps refers to a combination of development, i.e. the development of applications, and IT operations, i.e. the provision and operation of these.

At work I’m currently pushing this field forward in addition to backend programming in Python and Kotlin/Java and hardware-related programming in C and C++.
If I can find some time besides my personal projects, I create playlists together with Christoph Kepler.