Hello new old world

Published at 01 Feb 2022 - Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

My reflections on the old website

Why do people create their own websites? Either to promote themselves or to tell their stories in blog form.
But what would I like to achieve with my website? The previous iteration was a pure blog and a collection of projects I was working on at some point. Also the preceding blog entry was over four years ago and my style of writing has changed. For this reason, I would now like to pull the main focus away from the blog, but nevertheless try to keep it somewhat more active than before.

The new website

So what remains, what changes and what has yet to come?
It remains my website, but its purpose has now shifted towards presenting myself. I also no longer liked my previous design, it was too sterile, too empty. The current one, although still simple, is more elegant in my opinion.
I no longer wished to fall back on frameworks, which, no matter how far they can be configured, are always recognisable, I wanted to create something of my own.
In addition, I decided a while ago that I do not want to know who comes to my site. Neither how nor why. Consequently, I removed all tools that provide me with statistics about this. This also saves me from having to deal with a cookie banner. No tracking, no external fonts hosted by Google and no integration of social media means no need for a banner.

So what will the future bring for this website? Since I would very much like to publish this website, both the portfolio of projects and the playlist overview are not yet ready. For the latter, the Tracktor API must first be completed first and then the frontend part developed.

So there is still some work to be done until the site is the way I want it to be.

Screenshot old main page
Old main page
Screenshot old about me page
Old about me with very little content