momendlos, now

Published at 03 Jun 2015 - Estimated reading time: 1 minute

A new little project is making its way into my head: it’s a combination of my photoblog and programming.

I have the idea to make the pictures of momendlos available to people who would like to see them and also have them as wallpaper. When at least the first part (momendlos_Desktop) is finished, it will only be possible for Mac users to have the latest photo of momendlos directly as a wallpaper or a slideshow of all available pictures.

I sat down and have written a small API. Depending on which parameters are given in the GET request, a JSON file is returned with either all, a random or the most recent photo and its data.

My wish is to write similar software, as soon as I am done with this one, for Windows and preferably also for iOS and Android. So all non-Mac users reading this: Maybe you’ll get a version for yourselves soon too. If you want to help me, for example with the application for Windows, you can also just write a mail to me.