Move it and show something else

Published at 24 Jun 2016 - Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Why I moved away from GitHub-Pages

My page is hosted on GitHub-Pages and every time I push something new Jekyll rebuilds this page and publishes it. But I want to move this page to uberspace. The biggest reason for that is, that GitHub-Pages does not support https. Even it is not required because there is no login or form at all I would like to have a ssl protection and my mail is already hosted on uberspace. All in all there is no big deal to put both of them together. And I finally configured my Certificate for

Something else

That was it for the “moving” part, but what is about “show something else”?
I started a new project. I want to build a Rust Library (crate) for the Raspberry Pi to interact with a HD44780 LCD display. The same one I used for my Thermometer project.
The display has 8 data pins but there are two modes to interact with it. 8-bit mode and 4-bit mode.
I firstly want to focus on the 4-bit mode because you have to do much less wiring and mostly every library for other languages defaults to the 4-bit mode. For now it seems to be a little problem with the encoding. Connection and communication are working fine but the display interprets the given values wrong. I don’t know where the problem is. Probably some bits are not transmitted correctly. But for now I have to focus on other things…

In fact I have two more projects I am currently working on. One of them is a fresh attempt to build an iOS App for AG DSN. The other one is to build a 10x10 RGB LED matrix with an Arduino Nano that displays some 10x10 images. Maybe there will be an animation function as well. Planing that project is really fun. And I am excited for the first time ever build something with a laser cutter.

Maybe I will make an post about that individually.