Second first entry

Published at 01 May 2015 - Estimated reading time: 1 minute

This is now the second attempt to continuously run a blog. My first attempt failed in that at some point I no longer knew what to write, and then it fell into oblivion. When I realised after more than half a year that I hadn’t written a single entry, I decided to abandon the project for the time being.

Newly encouraged and inspired by Justus I have now decided to keep a public diary again. This time with the help of jekyll. Drupal needed too much maintenance for me. Not only that, until everything is set up again, it takes time that I don’t want to spend on it. There is also the possibility of using Wordpress, but that is not necessarily the best thing in the world…

All in all, I now have a relatively easy way to run my blog, hopefully my motivation will stay up! So little by little I will also add other pages, like my projects on GitHub or the photo blog called momendlos that I also run.